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Vancouver, BC.

"No Disintegrations…"

New (fem) Boba Fett! Photo by thewillbox.

Instagram & twitter: @KasiAltair

Another from our Mean Girls parody shoot with Andi :P


Here’s two more for Mean Girls 10th anniversary from Desu Dolls! Here’s looking at you, Glen Coco ;)

Desu Dolls tribute to endlessly quotable Mean Girls, just in time for the 10th anniversary.

Also, no… you can’t sit with us. XD

THIS!! I love this so much. Artwork by the amazing cameron-stewart!

I can do macabre, too…

Here’s my take on Fem Edward Scissorhands~ “Kasi Scissorhands” with handmade scissorblades! I added ‘rust’ right before Fan Expo for added character. ^-^

Photo by micktography

Instagram & twitter: @KasiAltair

Here’s my new Black Bat! It’s been a year since I made this one (It was my first cosplay) and I *finally* feel like THIS suits me <3

Photos by The Will Box!

Instagram & twitter: @KasiAltair

Character: Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
Model: Mimi Reaves
Photography: Kasi Altair


New cosplay debut last night at ‘Nightmare After Christmas’ themed Geekenders. I give you Female Edward Scissorhands! This was my first attempt at any sort of SFX makeup, as well as dabbling in ‘creepy’ cosplay. I learned so much!!

The oversized scissor hands I made were super fun to wear, and also pretty well-liked so I might have to find an excuse to wear them again. Full costume pics to come! :)

I made ZERO! ^_^

Jack Skellington’s ghost dog Zero, outfit made in an evening. Cosplay commission.